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Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University Green Student Initiative

Green Student Initiative Grant Administration

The Student Government Association Sustainability Committee administers this grant on behalf of the Office of the VP of Operations.

Important Dates 2021

Application form 2021 (deadline is 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 05). You must be signed into CampusLink to access form:

Grant award 2021 fund disbursements: End of summer or start of fall 2021 semester

Grant award 2021 Project Update reports will be due in December 2021

Check for additional information.

Project Goal

The goal of the Green Student Initiative is to help Oklahoma State University become more environmentally friendly by providing funds to implement student-created programs or projects centered on sustainability.  In addition to helping OSU become more environmentally conscious, it also provide students an educational experience in how to write proposals and implement a program. 

Student Proposals

Students submitting a proposal must have a recognized campus organization or an academic department as a sponsor so that allotted funds can be transferred into the organization’s or department’s account.  Students are required to complete an application form to describe their idea, how they would implement it, and how it would benefit Oklahoma State University.  Application forms are available on the Student Government Association CampusLink website each spring (

Students must be signed into CampusLink to access the form.  Finalists will be required to give an in-person presentation to the SGA Sustainability Committee's judging panel.  Students with selected proposals will be required to sign a contract agreeing to implement their program with the money received and provide timely progress reports to the SGA Sustainability Chair. 

Helpful Links

Proposal Ideas. See this list of ideas for future GSI projects.

Selected Awards. This list features some past GSI projects that have been awarded.

General Information and History

In the spring semester of 2010, the student body of Oklahoma State University had the option to vote on a referendum attached to the elections ballot for Student Government Association President, Vice President, and Senators.  The referendum was called the Oklahoma State University Green Student Initiative (OGSI), and consisted of implementing a $3 flat fee per student per semester.  The money raised by the fee would fund the position of a Director of Sustainability for the Stillwater campus, two scholarships for student interns, and grant money for student proposals implementing sustainable practices on campus. 

The referendum passed the student vote with over 70% in favor of implementing the fee.  However, it was later decided that a fee would not be the best option to raise funds, and the university set aside $40,000 for the program annually.  With this, a few changes were made to the OGSI.  It was decided the funds would be best utilized if they all went to support student proposals for sustainable or environmentally themed campus projects or programs.  Proposals would be submitted to a board composed of selected student and faculty for review. 

For more information, please contact the SGA Sustainability Chair at